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Message to Parents of Grade 6-12 Virtual Students

We recognize that some virtual students may have faced challenges in the first grading period that prevented them from earning their best possible grade. Hurricanes, loss of power, internet connectivity issues, and adapting to the virtual model played a part in causing some virtual students to fall behind.

If a virtual student is unsatisfied with their grade and did not complete the work for the first grading period, the student may continue working in your GP1 courses until Friday, December 4th.  Even though GP1 courses will be open the week of Thanksgiving, facilitators will not be available to unlock a quiz or test due to a failing grade.  We recommend that students continue working during the Thanksgiving break but make sure that they are working towards achieving a passing grade.  Please note that completing GP1 work should be done in addition to completing your GP2 work. Students must continue to work on GP2, so they don't fall behind in the new grading period.


If a student has completed the course and has earned an F, they may participate in Grading Period Recovery.  These students will need to complete this form ( by Thursday, November 19th to request recovery.  They will be enrolled in a credit recovery section for each course that they request. Please note that completing your GP1 recovery work should be done in addition to completing your GP2 work.  All GP1 recovery work must be completed by Thursday, January 28th.