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Tips for Virtual Students & Their Parents

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Grades 6-12

Measuring Learning Through Quizzes and Tests

Each activity in Edgenuity is necessary to learning the new information and practicing new skills. Students should pay close attention to each instructional video and take notes just as they would in a face-to-face classroom.  Students should work through each assignment and refer back to their notes or even re-watch the instructional video if needed.  These steps will best prepare students to pass each quiz and test. If a student fails one of these assessments, it is important that they go back and re-watch the instructional video and redo the practice included in that video to re-learn material they may have missed. After students have learned the material, they may have one final attempt at the quiz or test. If they do not pass their second attempt at the quiz or test, Edgenuity will lock the course and prevent them from moving on to the next lesson. These grades will be reviewed by the facilitator during his/her office hours.


Uploading a file to Edgenuity from Google Docs

Some have had trouble uploading assignments to Edgenuity when the document was made in Google Docs. Here's how to do it:

     1. Choose the File menu, then Download
     2. From the submenu choose Plain Text. This will save a .txt formatted file.
     3. Upload the .txt file to Edgenuity.


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