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Enhanced Safety Measures


       social distancing 

The IPSD will incorporate the social distancing guideline as a means of preventing potential infections of COVID-19.

  • Nonessential furniture such as bookshelves, extra tables, etc. will be removed from elementary classrooms to allow for distancing students to the maximum extent possible.

  • Static groups in elementary schools will remain throughout the day including meals in the classroom or socially distanced in the cafeteria and limiting the volunteers and visitors in the building.  Teachers will switch classrooms when classes are departmentalized.

  • Middle and high school students will be seated in alternating rows with the greatest distance possible all facing one direction.

  • Specific practices will be customized by schools to include mapping traffic patterns, scheduling student and staff groupings, staggering transitions and entering/exiting, designating distancing strategies at entrances and hallways, etc.

  • Playground equipment will not be used unless schools can adequately clean between uses of static groups. Playground equipment will be used by students participating in after school student care maintaining social distance.

  • Only essential visitors will be allowed on campus in order to conduct business in accordance with BESE guidelines.

 face mask

Face coverings are another critical guideline to reduce the potential for COVID-19 spread.

  • Face coverings will be required throughout the day for all 3rd-12th grade students and employees.  This includes school buses.

  • Students in grades PreK-2 may wear face coverings, but it is not mandatory.

  • Masks/coverings must not contain wording, emblems and/or insignias that promote profanity, obscenity, political messages, drug/alcohol/tobacco use, or gang/hate-related slogans. Also, masks/coverings cannot contain images of faces. Bandannas will not be allowed.

    • ​Recent research reveals that neck gaiters do not provide protection and should only be worn until cloth face coverings can be obtained.

  • Individuals with documented health conditions and unable to wear face masks must notify the principal immediately at the beginning of the school term or upon diagnosis by a licensed physician.  Proof of such condition/diagnosis must be presented to the principal.

  • The principal/administrator has the discretionary power to determine the appropriateness of face masks/coverings to ensure the safety of the school learning environment.

  • During outdoor breaks when students are 6 ft. apart, masks may be removed temporarily.

                                    spray bottle

Intensified disinfecting and cleaning measures will be conducted to ensure that the physical space, equipment, and frequently touched objects remain safe.  

  • Frequently touched objects such as door handles, fixtures, etc. will be disinfected multiple times per day.  

  • Restrooms will be monitored and cleaned more frequently throughout the day. 

  • Classrooms will be disinfected after groups change during the day and thoroughly cleaned daily. 

  • Students are asked to bring water from home. However, water fountains will be disinfected every hour and used only if absolutely necessary.


                hand washing

Hand washing/sanitizing is one of the most important ways to keep students and employees safe.

  • Hand sanitizing with sanitizers containing a minimum of 60% alcohol and hand washing with soap and water will occur upon arrival, at least every two hours, before and after eating, and at dismissal.

  • Students may bring hand sanitizer from home with the appropriate alcohol content.

  • Proper hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water will be explained to students.