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Transportation Information

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Transportation and Bus Protocols for Parents



1.    School buses will operate at 100% capacity.  All passengers are required to wear masks.

       This includes PreK – 2nd grade students.

2.    Passengers on a school bus must be spaced to the greatest extent possible.

3.    Bus operators will be required to wear face covering while on duty. 

4.    Upon entering the bus, all passengers will be required to sanitize their hands using hand sanitizer.

       Hand sanitizer will be provided by the district.

5.    Parents and students should maintain social distance at bus stops and avoid congregating in groups

       while waiting for the bus.

6.    There will be a staggering of students when unloading and loading of buses at schools to minimize

        student group size as they enter and exit schools. 

7.    Bus drivers will clean high-touch surfaces after each group’s use.  At the end of the day, the bus will

       be extensively cleaned. 

8.    Student seating charts will be established and maintained.