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Cafeteria Procedures and Protocols

school lunch plate


General Information:

●    Students will continue to receive free breakfast and lunch meals as approved by the USDA for the duration of the 2021-2022.

●    Regulations and guidelines (from the CDC, USDA, LDOE, CNP, and LDHH) will be followed in all processes of meal service, storage, preparation, serving, and cleaning. 

●    Staff members will properly clean and sanitize cafeteria tables frequently.

●    A “No Touch Service” will be followed.

●    Students will wash their hands before meals and after meals.

●    All students must be ID scanned prior to receiving a meal, which does include breakfast.

●    Students will not be allowed to share food or beverages.

●    Social distancing guidelines and protocols will be followed when eating in the cafeteria: 3 ft. of social distancing and facing in one direction. Some students will be eating in classrooms and other areas of the school as determined by the principal. Meals will be packaged for students who will not be eating in the cafeteria due to social distancing requirements.

●    Water fountains are opened and will be cleaned frequently.  Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. 

●    Curbside Meal Pickups will be provided for students who will be attending virtually. Meals will consist of breakfast and lunch daily. Student IDs or JCampus demographic sheet (provided by the school) will be needed for pick up. Parents must contact the school’s cafeteria manager to make arrangements for meal pick up.


If you have any questions regarding food service meals,
contact the IPSB Food Service Program 
at 365-2558.