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Cafeteria Procedures and Protocols

school lunch plate


General Information:

  • Students will continue to recive free breakfast and lunch meals as approved by the USDA for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Regulations and guidelines (from the CDC, USDA, LDOE, CNP, and LDHH) will be followed in all processes of meal service, storage, preparation, serving, and cleaning. 

  • Staff members will properly clean and sanitize cafeteria tables between every class usage.

  • A “No Touch Service” will be followed.

  • Student will wash their hands before meals and after meals.

  • All students must be ID scanned prior to receiving a meal, which does include breakfast.

  • Students will not be allowed to share food or beverages.

  • Food Services will make every effort to streamline menus for ease of meal service. 

  • The “Grab-N-Go” option will not be offered to high school students this school year.

  • There will be one (1) menu offered.

  • Social distancing guidelines and protocols will be followed: groups of 25 (maximum is 50), maintaining 6 ft.of social distancing within the static group and among the second static group of 25, and facing in one direction. 

  • Water fountains are opened and will be cleaned every hour. However, bottled water will be available for sale at every school.  Each bottle will cost 50¢.  Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. 


Breakfast Guidelines:

  • All students on campus will be offered breakfast upon entering school. The procedure for entering the cafeteria for breakfast may vary for larger schools. 

  • Breakfast meals will be packaged for students to eat in their classrooms, cafeteria (limited), or in other areas of the school as determined by the principal. 

  • Breakfast meals will be served in disposable containers.

  • Social distancing guidelines and protocols will be followed: groups of 25 (maximum is 50), maintaining 6 ft.of social distancing within the static group and among the second static group of 25, and facing in one direction

  • If student care is offered, students will be accommodated in the café for breakfast.


Lunch Guidelines:

  • The principal will establish a schedule for each class to enter the cafeteria serving line. 

  • Students will enter the cafeteria in groups no larger than 25.

  •  Principals may utilize the cafeteria for lunch  meal service if social distancing protocols are followed: (two groups of 25 (maximum of 50) ,  maintaining six feet of social distancing in a static group and among static groups, and facing in one direction. 

  • Teachers may take student groups to eat in other designated areas of the campus as determined by the principal.

  •  Priority of eating in the cafeteria will be given to younger students (PreK and K)  on an elementary campus or to students attending career campus at a high school campus. This schedule will be determined by the principal.

  • For students who will be eating in the classroom, the students will pick up  meals in the cafeteria and return to class.  This will allow the scanning to be completed and assist with assurance that hand washing is easily accessible


Curbside Meal Pick Ups for students who will be attending Virtually:

  • Curbside meal pick-up will be provided for students who will be attending virtually or attending school on the Hybrid plan (two days face to face and 3 days virtual).

  • Meals will consist of (1) Breakfast and one (1) Lunch daily.  

  • Curbside pick-up time will be 9:45 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. ONLY.

  • Student IDs or JCampus demographic sheet (provided by the school) will be needed for meal pick-up.

  • There will be eleven (11) designated drive-through /pick-up sites. The list may be revised based on participation and results from the student surveys.




St. Charles Elem.

St. Charles Elem. & Jeanerette High

Delcambre High

Delcambre High & Delcambre Elem.

Coteau Elem.

Coteau Elem.


Westgate/Sugarland Elem./Jefferson Island Elem.

Iberia Middle

Iberia Middle/Center St. Elem./Pesson Elem.


NISH/Magnolia Elem./Caneview Elem.

Belle Place Middle

Belle Place Middle/Belle Place Elem./

North Lewis Elem./Daspit Elem.

Johnston-Hopkins Elem.

Johnston-Hopkins Elem./Park Elem.

Anderson Middle

Anderson Middle

Loreauville High

Loreauville High/Loreauville Elem.

Alternative Center (ACE)

Pick up will be at zoned school(s)


If you have any questions regarding food service meals, contact the IPSB Food Service Program at 365-2558.