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Paper-based Learning Packets

UPDATED – JUNE 1, 2020

Click on the grade level and subject to download each learning packet.


Grade PreK ELA
Grade PreK Math


Grade K ELA
Grade K Math


Grade 1 ELA
Grade 1 Math


Grade 2 ELA
Grade 2 Math


Grade 3 ELA
Grade 3 Math


Grade 4 ELA
Grade 4 Math


Grade 5 ELA
Grade 5 Math


Grades 6-8 ELA
Grade 6 Math
Grade 7 Math
Grade 8 Math


Grades 9-10 ELA
Algebra I


Grades 11-12 ELA
Algebra II/ACT Prep




We must ensure compliance with IDEA law and section 504, as well as Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Our self-contained teachers, as well as our resource teachers, will collaborate with regular ed teachers and district staff in an attempt to give parents related modifications for the instructional resources provided to the parents.  All teachers must make decisions on a case by case basis with these resources. IPSD cannot, at this time, provide all services in the same manner they are typically provided. However, IPSD will work collaboratively and creatively to continue to meet the needs of students with disabilities.  IPSD will continue to take necessary actions to protect the health, safety, and welfare of students and school staff. In doing so, we feel utilizing these optional instructional resources for parents is the best method for our principals and teachers to stay connected during this national emergency.