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Student Registration

ONLINE REGISTRATION is now available for students new to the school district.


To register a student in local public schools you will need:

  1. certified copy of the birth certificate
  2. social security card
  3. immunization record
    • A Louisiana Universal Certificate of Immunization from LINKS is preferable. However, a valid personal record from the student’s doctor is acceptable. Immunization record MUST include the following:
      • DTap – 5 doses
      • Polio – 4 doses
      • MMR – 2 doses
      • Varicella – 2 dosesHepatitis B – 3 doses
      • 6th graders or age 11 (any grade) are required to have a Meningococcal vaccine and an additional Tetanus and Varicella if the student has not had two doses.
  4. proof of home residence
    • Proof of residency should include a current utility bill receipt or a connection order from the electric company, telephone company, water company or gas company. Father or mother’s name and the resident address must appear on the document. If parents are living with someone else, an affidavit is required and an appointment must be scheduled with the Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance, Mr. James L. Russell, III or Mr. Joel McFarland. Please call 365-2341 to schedule an appointment or to determine your school zone.
  5. previous report cards and/or school records