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Media Center

die cut machine and rulers

The Media Center is available for use by all teachers currently employed with the Iberia Parish School District. Normal hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. Teachers are asked to sign in when using the Media Center. Children are not allowed to use any of the machines in the Media Center. This safety precaution is necessary for their protection.


Bulletin Board Paper‚Äč

  • Rolls of various colors of craft bulletin board paper in widths of three feet are available. There is a limit of 20 feet per teacher per visit.

Button Machine

  • Button designs are available in a wide variety. Teachers or parent volunteers who have been trained to use the machine may make buttons. Teachers may create their own designs for the 2 1/4” buttons to be used with parts in the Media Center. There is a limit of 100 buttons per teacher per school year.

Copy Machine

  • Copyright laws are respected and observed. Each classroom teacher is allocated 2500 copies per semester. The copy machine code is the 6-digit employee ID number assigned by the school system. Reservations are offered in one hour blocks and HIGHLY recommended. New teachers should call ahead to verify that employee ID numbers have been entered into the copy machine.

Laminating Machines

  • The objective of laminating is to preserve instructional material to use for several years. Any instructional materials used by teachers may be laminated. Exceptions: no glitter, no metal objects (staples, etc.), no plain paper and no ditto paper. Three sizes of laminating machines are available in the Media Center: 12”, 18” and 25” widths.  

Letter/ Die Cut Machines

  • The Media Center has two Ellison lettering machines and an Accu-Cut roller machine, along with dies for 2" block, 3" circus, 4" block, and 4" tall and thin letters. All of these are capital letters; however, lower-case letters are also available in 2" and 4" block. Dies for 2" numbers are also on hand. In addition, various shapes are available for holidays, awards, and incentives: for example, there are apples, trains, awards, hearts, crawfish, snowmen, dinosaurs, and many more. These cut-outs can be made in different colors, with construction paper available for this purpose. It is not necessary to bring construction paper in order to use the die-cut machine; however, if teachers choose to do so, please notify media center staff upon arrival.

Poster Machines

  • The Media Center has two poster machines. Originals (8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper) can be enlarged to color posters in sizes 24” x 31” and 18” x 24” or black and white posters in sizes 17" x 22" and 20" x 27".  Posters are limited to instructional materials. Please be mindful that some materials may need to be approved prior to recreation. Poster machines are used by Media Center staff ONLY.

Media Center Staff Directory

Candice Myers
Technology/Media/Library Specialist

Mary Valsin
Media Center Secretary


Iberia Parish Educational Center
1204 LeMaire Street
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 364-7641
(337) 367-9611 Fax