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Career and Technical Education

 Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs strive to provide all students a challenging, relevant, meaningful, and seamless education that will prepare them to be lifelong learners and productive citizens.  It provides opportunities for students to receive instruction in JumpStart Career Pathway.    A JumpStart Career Pathway is defined as a coherent sequence of courses that prepares a student for a first job and/or further education or training.  Students will earn an Industry-Based Certification (IBC) upon successful completion of proficiency test(s).


CTE integrates academic and occupational learning, integrates school-based and work-based learning, and establishes linkages between high schools, post-secondary institutions, and industry.  It prepares a student in a particular pathway or industry sector.  Upon successful completion of a particular pathway, the student will have earned an IBC and possibly dual enrollment credit at a post-secondary institution.


Business Education and Information Technology utilize  comprehensive curriculums to prepare students to become citizens in a global economy.   Students gain a wide range of transferable skills that allow entrance into the job market with flexibility to function in new and emerging technological fields.   Business education develops knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in the workplace.  It will prepare students for immediate entry into the business world or post-secondary programs


Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum is broad and comprehensive enabling students to function effectively as consumers, homemakers, parents, and employees or employers.  This field focuses on family, child development, clothing/textiles, and foods/nutrition. 


Technology Education programs are designed to teach students the skills necessary for trade or industrial-oriented careers.  Students can earn certifications that will enable them to enter the workforce upon graduation. 


The Iberia Parish Career Center (IPCC) provides    comprehensive vocational and technical training for students from the five high schools in the parish.  The goals of the Career Center are to bring all the high schools together in a work-related environment and to educate them for the real world.  Students are offered an opportunity to master skills through hands-on activities and clinical experiences using current work techniques and equipment.  Work habits, course knowledge, responsibility, safety, and community work force involvement are goals for the programs.  Course offerings include health occupations, nursing assistant, auto technician, auto body repair, oil and gas production/t2 safety, food services/ProStart, occupational readiness, outdoor power equipment, welding, carpentry, custom sewing/fashion design for customs, barbering, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 

Career Exploration & Workforce Development - The Iberia Parish School Board has entered into a partnership with the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce and the Iberia Industrial Development Foundation.  The mission of this organization is “to develop in every individual the skills, knowledge and attitudes vital in becoming a part of tomorrow’s workforce and a valuable, responsible citizen in our community.”   


The partnership sponsors career-oriented programs for area high schools students.  In November, the Paths to the Future Program is held for juniors and seniors in all Iberia Parish public and private schools.  Approximately forty-five (45) colleges, universities, technical schools, specialty programs, and the military are represented.  Almost 1,300 students are able to visit with them and receive valuable printed information.  The second phase of the program, Career Exploration, is targeted for sophomores and is held during the spring semester.  At this time, tenth grade students have the opportunity to meet with individuals involved in various occupations from the Acadiana region.  They also experience a Reality Store to help them understand the cost of living independently.


In addition to these large activities, students are encouraged to begin thinking about their future careers as early as the sixth grade.  In the middle schools, the students complete various career activities and a Five Year Plan that outlines their high school course choices based on Career Pathways.  Students can receive dual enrollment credits with the post-secondary institutions including South Louisiana Community College, Louisiana State University at Eunice, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  They can choose to take co-op or internship classes where they work a minimum of hours per week or enroll in clinical classes such as Certified Nursing Assistant where their instruction takes place in the hospitals and nursing homes.  They can also witness the work place through summer internships and job placements.